It is so hard to describe just how amazing volunteering with the Raising Hope Foundation is. I have been to Ghana three times with RHF, which says a lot in itself. After the first time, I just knew I would be back there again the next summer as the experience is incredible. Every year, as soon as I land back in England, I desperately want to jump back on a plane to Ghana, the beautiful country that now feels like home. This year, at the end of the trip we reflected on our favourite moments - for me I could not choose just one. Each day there are so many things that put a smile on your face - waking up and seeing the gorgeous scenery around you, knowing that you are making a difference to children's lives, having a child come and give you a cuddle or a drawing... the list is endless! For those who have never been to a country that is so poverty-stricken, it can be a shock at first and it can be hard to not get upset seeing how difficult these people's lives are, but you soon realise how truly happy they are. They are grateful for everything and celebrate each day, thanking God for everything that they DO have. I have never met people who are as friendly and cheerful as those in Ghana - I often wish we were more like them. I have tried to explain to my friends and family why I love Ghana and the RHF trip so much, but unless you go, you can't fully understand how awesome it is. It is not just about spending a few hours in a classroom each day, but the whole experience - the team of volunteers become like a real family and I have made friends for life over the past 3 years. This year, we had a saying-  'Yolo' - you only live once and we lived each day with this in mind! I will remember this trip forever and every single day I think about my time spent there and the special people that I spent it with. Ghana changed my life 3 and a half years ago and I now hope I can change lives, along with 'Sister Kinza' and her inspirational work. If you are thinking about volunteering with us next year, stop thinking about it.. and DO IT!
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