In all honesty I was a little down in the dumps, there wasn't much going on and my life had become somewhat dead in many ways. I knew I needed something, something new, something different, something else  perhaps - Well here it was, Horsham Pages, page 44 (Raising hope foundation) I remember reading the add for volunteer work and having a strange intuition that Id definitely found that 'something'. It was perfect. I had never been anywhere but as far as Spain before, I had never been away for longer than a week and I had never travelled without a sibling. I’m not going to lie, this was a little out of my comfort zone, but all the same it was new and very exciting. The whole trip was a complete life changer. I’d made friends with this one boy at the summer school called Jojo Selasi Aculey, just 9 years old. He lived with his Grandma because he'd lost both his parents in a car accident when he was much younger. He wrote me many letters, in fact i can't remember a day he didn't hand me one. I learnt a lot more than expected from this young boy, not just about him and his life, but more so about me and my life. To me the way the Ghanian people are and live is totally different to our culture, and to be able to experience this with your own eyes is a once in a life time opportunity. Not to mention all the fun activities you get to do and all the other amazing people and volunteers you make friends with..  I learnt so much about myself its incredible. I also had a brilliant time. Raising Hope Foundation didn't only raise hope in Ghana but it also raised hope in my life and self in some deep amazing meaningful way.  So a big Thankyou from me to the foundation and all the people that i meet who where involved along the way. Volunteer 2012
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