I went to Ghana not really knowing what to expect, you see the charity appeals on TV which show the worst of the less economically developed countries but then you speak to previous RHF volunteers that have been and come back boasting of what a great and valuable time they had. I was said in the days leading up to the departure date that I wouldn't last more than two days outs there, I was wrong as we walk from the airport to our taxi I fell in love with Ghana and knew that I was going to enjoy the next few weeks like nothing else in my life. This time I wasn't wrong, the days were going by too fast but not for one minute did I regret my decision to go. The first day I spent time with the children was a Sunday this was when I saw what it was really like for orphaned children, they were happy and full of love and spirit for the Lord Jesus Christ, so much than I couldn't help but smile that whole day; it  ached!    We visited many place and did many things but the one activity which I will always remember was the day we took 106 children from the summer school to Wli waterfalls, more than anything I relished the challenge of looking after children and not loosing a single one, which we all together achieved! That day we gave the children an unforgettable experience, they aren't used to constant school trips like us back here in England but they appreciated everything we did for them that day. Speaking to some of the children on my bus they were amazed just to see a waterfall and learn about them the previous day in  summer school.   Along with the children I met out there something else stood out and that was the group of volunteers, without them the trip would've been dull but with them we joked, laughed and looked out for each other and even held the first ever connect4 championship; well done Imy! but most importantly of all We were a family.
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