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The RHF Scholarship Scheme has been running for over four years and currently

supports 12 students from Santrokofi in further education.

The scheme was set up on the back of the annual RHF summer schools, through which we met students who, despite hardships, had done well at Junior High School. In Ghana JHS is where ‘free’ schooling end and these students had no means by which to go on to Senior School (SHS) and University. RHF work in collaboration with the Living Faith Foundation and schools in Santrokofi to support these students as they go on to fulfill their potentials - providing hope for a better future.   Here are some of their stories.
Evelyn In 2013 Evelyn graduated as an accountant with Upper Second Class Honours from Ho Polytechnic University, having being sponsored by RHF. Evelyn had a tough childhood and gave birth to her daughter Lizzy at a young age. As a single mother Evelyn now has the means to support her family and has a promising career ahead of her.
Jones attended the first RHF Summer School in 2010 and successfully completed JHS later that year. Jones’ mother died when he was young and him and his younger brother are now cared for by his grandad. RHF have been able to sponsor Jones to study electrical engineering in Accra. In 2013 Jones used the skills he had been learning to assist in the wiring of the Child Care Centre. Jones also joined Arctic to Africa cyclists for the final leg of their epic ride in August 2013, cycling from Accra to Santrokofi.
Peace Peace has been an RHF Scholarship student for 3 years and has now successfully completed SHS. Peace’s father died when she was very young and her mother,a market trader, has worked hard to support her as best she can. As a single mother with two children she would not have been able to sent Peace to SHS.
Peace is now applying for university courses to train to become a nurse. Every summer Peace helps out at summer school and on Living Faiths other projects.
UK Charity No. 1129045
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