I went to Ghana a traveller, seeking adventure and the chance to tell a story. I came back a volunteer, inspired by not only the children but the volunteers who made the experience all that worth while. You can never prepare yourself for something like Raising Hope Foundation. Being a city girl, it is clear to see, by being on a bus alone, that many of us Brits pride ourselves on giving children the latest ipod, or nintendo ds. Never truely realising that reading a book of just 5 pages can make a child more happier and thankful. I formed a close bond to Yao, 7 years old. One morning I read to Yao 6 times, in the space of 30 minutes, and I am still not sure who was more grateful. Him or me. Summer School was by far the most memorable of the 2 weeks. And I will always remember Fred. A 15 year old Autism sufferer who can not read, write or speak. His family, though together, are poor and Fred is made to work on their home farm. Unable to learn and have one to one tuition, I beyond words when he learnt how to write his name and say the word "Fred". Though with my guidance, he was extremely happy. And later went to show me that he liked eating (by rubbing his tummy) and showed me where he lived (by pointing to his house). I will continue to tell Fred's story, in hope that more and more people will see the importance of the work of Sister Kinza and Raising Hope Foundation. Arriving in Santro, I believed that I had made the worst decision of my life. Creepy crawlies, gekos, mosi bites and the lack of food was not what life had prepared me for. But after only 2 days of arriving home, I wanted nothing more but to be with the children, the volunteers and under the famously named "Saw Shower". A group of 14 adults, youngest aged 20 and the eldest 26, within 3 weeks made a huge difference to the lives of over 100 children. And I was one of those 14 people. You could be too.
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